Projects  Design / Development


Role: Front-End Developer (NextJS / HTML / CSS)

Zenledger is a crypto-currency tax calculator, which allows to import crypto-currency transactions to calculate tax returns.

Covid-19 Alert App

Role: Front-End Developer (NextJS / HTML / CSS)

Covid-19 Alert is an app developed as a personal project, that displays the status of recent Covid-19 cases from around the world.

Sujhaab Chautaari

Role: Designer / Developer (Wordpress / PHP)

A career counseling platform for youth, which connects young people to education, mentorship, and productive opportunities so they can reach their highest potential.

SQL vs. NoSQL Comparison

Role: Developer (Python)

MCS course project, a performance evaluation comparison between NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, HBase, and Neo4j with SQL databases such as PostgreSQL.


Role: Designer (Adobe Photoshop CC)

Worked on designing the entire UI for a fast-food restaurant that has started in Nepal in 2017.


Role: UI Developer (HTML / CSS / jQuery)

InvestReady, which allows to access investment platforms without having to share any financial details.

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